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How has your lockdown been? 

I've made some life-changing career decisions recently and just as did, COVID-19 hit the UK. This then changed my career choice very much as my photography was no longer going to be an option.  As we were put on lockdown, like the rest of the country, it got very boring very quickly in South Ealing. I thought about the ways that I could continue my photography and maybe raise some money for a good cause.  I had thought about doing if for the NHS, but they have many other people supporting them and I wanted to help other charities that may have been left behind at these strange times. That's when I came up with the idea of doing 'doorstep photoshoots', keeping social distancing in mind at all times. I was not going to take any money for this and have asked for the customer to donate to Marie Curie or other charities. (Most people donated to Marie Curie) Marie curie is very close to my heart as they looked after my mother in the last few months of her life. I will always have a special place for the Marie Curie Charity.

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When I set this up, I thought I would get around 10 people wanting to take part during these strange times, but I was totally overwhelmed with the response!  To date, I have done over 76 doorstep photoshoots. I have met some amazing families, learned that some kids actually miss school and most are just missing friends. I met babies that were only 2 weeks old and 7 babies born during the lockdown who will lovingly be known as our 'lockdown babies'. I met families who built bars in there back garden and called it lockdown. I met twins celebrating their birthday who share a love of football and rugby, and their little brother who was passionate about trains. The mother celebrating her 40th birthday and wanted something special to help remember the good during these trying times.  The family could not introduce their new baby to the relatives. The family that just moved to Ealing and could not get to know their neighbors. The family that gave me a bottle of GIN (my favorite!) The family that made pretzels and gave me one to take away (it tasted amazing!)  I have met families with all sorts or pets. Two shouts for the rabbits and new kittens that had been an addition to the family. 

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I want to thank everyone that has taken part in this project.  It has been a pleasure to meet you all and hear your stories about how you're dealing with COVID-19. The support of local businesses has been overwhelming to me. I do hope we get to meet over a coffee or my favorite drink, GIN, soon. I would also like to say we raised £1460.00 which is just so amazing I never thought I would make that much as I had set my target at £500 and we smashed that amount very quickly!

If you want to have a look at the pictures from the other customers, click on the link to have a look at the gallery View Gallery

As we move into re-opening the business fully, it would be great to work with you all again.  If you wish to share the Blog and gallery with your friends and family, please do so.

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If they want to know more about my family shoots see the lockdown offer I am currently offering. 

Doorstep Photography 4 images £30.00

30 mins shoot 12 images £60.00

1 hour 20 plus images £89.00


Again thank you for all your support and I do hope to meet you again soon 


Scott x 

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