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Lockdown Wedding London | Asia + Rooban

Lockdown Wedding London

So 2020 has not been the best year for a lot of people and I think we could start the year again or make it go away. In terms of weddings, it has been a challenge just imagining having to change that one day you have been looking forwards too. All that planning for at least 12 months before the event. All of my couples have moved to 2021 and some have had to move it to 2023 just to get the venue and make sure COVID has been sorted by then. Some couples could not wait for the rules to be relaxed and wanted to have the best day that they could. Asia and Rooban were one of those couples, and I was so excited to be part of this day. This turned out to be my only summer weddings this year.

Brent Civic Centre

So the day started very differently this time as I would normally shoot the bride getting ready and sometimes the groom getting ready on their weddings day. We started at the registered office in Wembley which is inside the Brent civic centre. They have an amazing garden area that they conduct ceremonies. Nothing felt different apart from having to wear a mask within the registered office. As we made our way to the ceremony area, we were allowed to remove the mask as it was outside. The strange thing about this wedding was that originally the photographer was not going to be allowed into the ceremony and they allowed me to attend and take pictures which was a joy as those are some of the most special moments of the day.


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So after the ceremony, we managed to get some lovely pictures within the ground of the Brent civic centre as they do have some lovely gardens which was a plus for Asia and Rooban. After the ceremony, they had planned for all the guests and some friends to go to a park to be able to have a little reception, but the weather was getting a little wild as good old British weather near does what the weather apps say. As we do we made it work and worked with what we had and created some great couples shots and then rounded the family and friends for some lovely group photo within the park. It was just a shame about the weather on the day but we did what we could at the time. I think one thing I saw on this lockdown wedding was the emotion from everyone was different.


Love a good Wedding


I think everyone was more invested in the day as the bride and groom had to do so much to get the day planned in such a short time and selected those 30 people to invited and I could not do that I have so many people that I would want at my wedding so hats of them for being able to do that. I know they are planning an evening event when parties are allowed next year so they can celebrate with the friends and family that could not come because of COVID.

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